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Using UltraNet at Plateau School

We have been using Ultranet for 2 years now and have developed and will continue to develop the 3 areas of our Ultranet LMS: WenSpace, ClassSpace and USpace.
These spaces are outlined here We are developing the use of Ultranet with a Parent portal at present. This allows our parents to log in to Ultranet and view assessment data, portfolio and blog entries and to comment on these. We have also implemented interoperability with our MUSAC LMS and Ultranet. This means the LMS is always as up to date as the SMS and data is uploaded on a schedule to the LMS every day, including assessment data.
We have had several schools visit to look at how we use Ultranet and will host a group of Principals from Palmerston later this term.
The support received from Ultranet has been excellent and the implementation process was well thought out and face to face support was part of the package through the MOE trial we were involved in.
I have spent a lot of time developing the "front end" and the Teacher resource section of the LMS to make it an attractive website with depth.
Latest innovations have been the addition of the Policies and Procedures to the site, making review a very straightforward process, the Prospectus and Annual Plans and reports are also available as well as access through to the Google doc we use for our Board Agenda.

The Google Journey at Normandale School 2012

A few years ago we attended an afterschool workshop run by Maria Casala about Google Apps in Education and the opportunities it could offer. This was the beginning of our journey. It took me a while to realize how versatile this tool was, however one member of staff persuaded me to give it a go. We soon realized that this was a way we could work smarter and not be time and place bound.
All staff now have a gmail.

We use google docs for all minutes. This means that the agenda can be set and when appropriate much of the discussion can happen online before and after the meeting. This happens for staff meetings and syndicate meetings.

We use a doc called Panui as a means of communication. Every weekend a new doc is uploaded, with some housekeeping details, staff room duties etc, the events for the week in detail, a broad outline of other upcoming events, and the OTJs that are due that month. All staff have access to the doc and make changes as necessary. On Monday morning this is printed and is available as a paper form as well as online. This is a great way to keep everyone in the loop!

Professional Learning
Google docs are invaluable for PL sessions, we can collaboratively work on one doc and embed links during a session. They are also used as way of recording ideas, information e.g. when Lyn has a 1-1 session with Staff all the ideas are in one doc and we can easily revisit and discus them afterwards. When we first got bought the iPads we used docs as a way of recording different apps and links to readings and information we found. At times we have used docs to record student behavior then share it with RTLB etc

The senior students use google docs as a writing tool. They are able to access their work at home as well as at school. They are also able to peer review each other’s work.

Docs are not like Word. You must copy and create a new doc otherwise it overwrites the original.
The tables and other features are still very clumsy

The number of people that can collaborate on the one doc is unlimited
Meetings can happen at different places and over time.
The revision history lets you look back over past changes.
You can pull docs into folders, then share the folder. You don’t need to share individual docs

Other google apps
This is new in 2012 as a school-wide tool. Everyone has access to a school wide calendar and are expected to put syndicate class events on it. Most staff also have their own google calendar. The office manager has access to my calendar and can make appointments for me in my absence.

A great way to survey staff, students and parents, again it is still a bit clumsy, better for yes, no, a,b,c answers not long wordy comments.

We host our website in sites and it is free and looks great!

The chat feature is invaluable as a quick question and answer session can happen through the day and at home.

Anne-Marie Gordon

Using Google Docs at Normandale School

Just in Time Learning at Maoribank School

Teckie Breakies at Maoribank School