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Trip to Palmerston North to see some other schools hugely valuable.

Major Contract events

Get the stickies done.
Lead teacher workshop at Lyall Bay on the 17th followed by a management meeting. Principals there from 1.30pm - 5.00pm.
Each lead teacher to coordinate a multimedia presentation of the groups choice - due by end of term 3
Work shops on either Mon 22nd August or Wed 24th August. The Tues 23rd is for planning the multimedia collaboration. Principal's writing milestone.
Lead teacher workshop at Plateau on 21st Sept - Share something we have done in our school or an issue we want to discuss.
Management meeting 23rd Sept Venue?
Management meeting 11th Nov
Management meeting18th Nov
Celebration of the year's learning 9th Nov - possibly all teachers invited 3.30pm - 5.00pm. Lead teacher attend for the afternoon and share their teacher inquiries. Principals attend.
Round of visits on the 7th and 8th Nov with Nigel and Nick.

Events and Records

Newsletter 2011/22 – 13 July

Seeing you all dressed up in your finery last Wednesday was a real treat and I am sure it will have created lasting memories for your children. They have worked very hard this term and learnt many valuable technological s
kills. Taking photographs and making movies has been a hit and it was an absolute delight to see how this is translating across the curriculum. One example of this was the group of children outside during mathematics the other day taking pictures of perpendicular lines, angles and geometric shapes, then turning these into a movie with voice over showing their understanding of these terms. What a fabulous creative way to engage learners.

We have included the first place winners in each category of the photograph competition in today’s newsletter for your enjoyment. Our thanks to Stephen and Michelle Press from Lifeworks Studio who spent considerable time judging this competition and donated the prizes. The overall winner received a beautifully framed copy of his photo and all five winners will receive a free tutoring session with Stephen
here at school next term.

FIRST PLACE WINNERS IN THE PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION - Can you match the photographs with the right captions?



People Category

Emmelia Stevenson with On No – The Sun is in my Eyes

Other Category
Renee Rood with Fruity Fun Food
Action Category and Overall Winner

Caleb Moyle with Sand Flying
Nature Category
Greta Burchell with Autumn is the Love Season
Artistic Category
Shae Bennett with Round Bars

Newsletter 3rd August


Eighty plus teachers converged on Boulcott School on the first two days of the break, including fifteen teachers/principal from our school for an Information and Communication Technology Expo. Keynote speakers presented future thinking for technology usage in schools and four two-hour workshops from a selection of sixteen on offer. Thank you to Mr Darian Schulz for his organisation and to the teachers who generously shared their classroom spaces.

2012 - Documentation

E Learning Pedagogy

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