After school workshops, Term 2 2011

Simple ICT Ideas - Kilbirnie School

Simple tools to make writing more interesting - Jan
Ideas for engaging boys

  1. Make own icons
  2. My wild self
  3. DoInkfor drawing, animating and collaborating
  4. Photovisi - Make a photo collage
  5. FrintrTurn many pics into one
  6. Storyjumper great starters for creating stories
  7. ZooburstMake your own pop up books
  8. Cardfunk make your own cards to send
  9. Shidonni make your own animalsto ‘farm’ in another world
  10. Bubblesnapadd speech bubbles to your pictures
  11. Photbabbleadd voice to your photos
  12. Yoyo games make your own games
  13. Font generator
  14. Telescopictext uncover your story bit by bit.
  15. Taxedo generate pics with words or “tag clouds”
  16. Wylio for free picsyou can use as starters (creative commons licence)
  17. Stuck for something to write about? Get your ideas here
  18. Jill Hamonds on getting kids to edit their writing
  19. Need a timer
    Get a Stopwatch like this or make your own! At: Online Stopwatch
  20. Forgot this one, Squirtz morph is a free download that lets you morph multiple pics/videos into one another. eg that kid into a monkey/lion etc. Great to illustrate:"When I become a super hero I will have the powers of..." stories

Simple & successful new ICT ideas

Ideas for Junior classes

IWB's - Active Boards


Voice Thread

Microsoft Groove/Sharepoint Workspaces (PC)

Comic Life

Open Source

Setting up a classroom blog

Promethean WBs


Study Ladder

Whole presentation is available here. Recommend visiting Rachel's site as a whole, great for Junior Teachers

After school workshops, Term 3, 2010

Stopmotion Animation - click the buttons for the appropriate powerpoints...

Just a note, we discovered that older macbooks only have 4 frames a second (ie 0.25s) when adjusting frame length.

Google Apps -

Digital Photography - 

Web 2.0 Tools for Juniors -
...there are a wide range of web 2 tools you can use. Check out the Wiki and see what you find useful

D.A.N.C.E.- Damn Another Nifty Collaboration Environment

NE/Year 1 ICT

Resources from our recent workshops can be found here.

Jess shares her PhotoStory3 resources.

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Kilbirnie School workshops:

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Comic Life in Key Compentencies

Comic Life in Key Compentencies



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After school workshops: Term 3, 2011

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