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Spread across the Wellington region from Upper Hutt to the Cook Strait our schools are:

Plateau, Maoribank, Mangaroa, Boulcott, Normandale, Maranatha, Kilbirnie and Lyall Bay

Facilitator: Lyn Ross

What determines your school process for the introduction and implementation of information and communication technologies? by Jo Wilson

When the choice of technology is driven by the needs of the learners, Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have the potential to transform learning and teaching. However, this does not, and will not, just happen. The introduction and implementation of ICTs needs be thoughtfully considered and strategically planned for, executed, and consistently reviewed. In other words the focus needs to be on the WHY.


Referring to these could be helpful when writing your
school's 2013 eLearning action plan

2012 MC-LD Teacher Survey

The student survey questions

eLearning Reflection

Leaders' mission
Is to create 5 short videos. Videos 1 - 4 will share your school's progress towards meeting national/cluster goals 1, 2, 3 and 4.
In video 5 you will discuss the key lessons your school has learned during the 3 years of the contract.

Use an interview technique to talk about:
1. Developing successful digital citizens at your school.
2. The leadership of eLearning at your school. The effective use of eLearning within the curriculum.
3. Teachers effective integration of e-learning at your school. (Creating exciting learning environment for all students)
4. How your school is enabling Family, whānau and the wider education community to participate in students' learning through online environments and the sharing and celebrating of eLearning.
5. During the 3 years of the ICT contract, what have the key lessons been for your school? (To be answered by the principal of each school.)
1. The main focus of these videos is eLearning leaders talking about their school.
2. Refer to the 'success indicators' to give you some ideas
3. Prepare some notes in advance.
4. Recording each video as several clips will cut down on the editing required
5. Use text to add extra explanations

These videos will be uploaded to the Making connections - Linking Digitally wiki. They will be linked to from the Milestone 6 Report,
which is due to our National Facilitator on Friday 23 November.