Welcome to the second year of the cluster.

The National goals for this year have changed. They now are:

Schools will use e-learning to give effect to the New Zealand Curriculum / Te Marautanga o Aotearoa by increasing the capability of:-

1. students to become successful digital citizen
2. principals to lead the integration of e-learning in their schools (strategic and operational)
3. teachers to integrate e-learning effectively into their practice creating an innovative and exciting learning environment for all students
4. family and whānau to actively participate in their child‘s learning
5. the sector by sharing online professional reflections to inform colleagues of the challenges and opportunities afforded by e-learning*

Cluster goal - 1
 Students will have increased opportunities to participate in online environments.
 Student will have opportunities to develop an understanding of what it means to be a digital citizen and to develop the skills required.
 Students will have opportunities to collaborate with others across the cluster and beyond.
Evidenced by a selection of:
 Class blogs or wikis established
 Enrollment and participation in the ‗SuperclubsPLUS‘ programme
 Effective integration of e-learning into the curriculum
 Opportunities provided for participation in cross cluster activities – photo &/or video exhibition, collaborative projects or kids conference
 Principal reports to BOT‘s, lead teacher sharing at L.T. workshops.

Cluster goal - 2
 Principals lead the development & implementation of school action plans the also include provision for effective resourcing
 Principals increase their understanding of effective use of elearning within the curriculum
Evidenced by a selection of:
 Participation in the leadership & planning retreat & in school/cluster professional development programmes
 Effective resourcing of schools for participation in a digital environment
 Schools reviewing & implementing effective e-learning action plans
 Sharing of expertise / use of system level tools such as SMS, e-portfolios

Cluster goal - 3
 E-learning integrated effectively into classroom programmes is in evidence throughout the curriculum
 New teachers, lead teachers enabled to become familiar with the cluster programme
 Increased interactions and programme implementation within & between schools
 Increased teacher familiarity with and use of system wide e-tools such as e-portfolios, SMS, LMS
Evidenced by a selection of:
 Teacher learning from the cluster expo, U-learn conference and after school workshops is shared and used to modify or implement new classroom pedagogies.
 Teacher Inquiries
 Development of an ―Effective e-learning teacher/student rubric‖ that is accepted and used cross-cluster
 Provision made for integration of new staff
 Lead teacher attending workshops and leading learning opportunities within their schools

Cluster goal - 4
 To explore the potential for increased participation by family, whanau and community through the use of e-tools such as: e-portfolios, web 2 tools(blogs, wikis, twitter etc)
 To explore ways to avoid a digital divide for those who may not have home access
Evidenced by a selection of:
 Development of ―interactive online spaces‖ where parents and whanau can participate in and contribute to student, class and school programmes
 Provision of access to any parent who do not have ‗out of school‘ access.

Cluster goal -5
 To implement ‗teacher inquiry across the cluster
 To use online facilities to share cluster learning
Evidenced by a selection of:
 A up to date cluster wiki that provides opportunities for both new learning and reflecting on progress and learning
 Sharing at: our expo, after schools workshops, finale evening and informally between schools at multiple levels.
 Cluster contributions to the Virtual Learning Network

This document will help with reflection for completing Cluster Goal 5. The Virtual Learning Network is the mechanism for this.

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