Workshop 6 of 2011 will be help at Normandale School on Wednesday 21st September.

The topic is "Multimedia"


8:30- 9:00-Meeting with Principals and Lead Teachers

  • What is multimedia? Why use it?

  • WALT: have meaningful discussions around what is multimedia and why we could/ should use it.
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And knowing this makes us.......?

  • What makes an effective learning experience?
  • Create our own success criteria for an effective multi-media Learning experience
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  • Select a resource ( from those made by children) and use our success criteria to critique it.
  • see list

  • As teachers, what process do we go through to make an engaging and effective learning experience?
.- In cooperative groups discuss this and what you do.
What do we have to consider? What are the barriers?

  • Record some learning intentions that we repeatedly meet. - on a piece of paper- put into the hat-
Cooperative groups- work in year levels to enable to to co-create lessons that you could really use.

Create a lesson plan using multimedia- identify walts, wilfs, process and some form of assessment .
Record digitally to be able to be put into a shared resource later.

MCLD's Success Criteria for an effective Multi-media Learning Experience

  • .Effectively engaging the learners
  • .Clear purpose " why are we doing it?"- set guidelines- Learning intentions/ success criteria
  • .meaningful, relevant, realistic and practical
  • .able to revisit- sustainable
  • .Know your audience and share it appropriately- select the tool
  • Process, aware of and able to be worked from
  • Content not lost in the experience.
  • Learner reflecting on their work- use success criteria- next step.

Guest Speaker: Graeme Holmes