Hi All and welcome back in 2011.

There will be 7 workshops during 2011. 2 in each of terms 1,2 & 3 and a workshop /showcase in term 4.

Dates for these are: To be confirmed at first management meet.

Thursday 17 February at Maranatha Christian School 8.30 -3pm
Wednesday 16 March - Maoribank School 8.30 - 2.30

Term 2:
Wednesday 18 May
Tuesday 14 June( PN visits) Please note the change of date!!

Term 3:
Wednesday 17 August - Lyall Bay School
Wednesday 21 September - Plateau School

Term 4
9 November -Celebration of a year's learning 11-5pm - Boulcott School
After school session 3.30-5pm for all?

One of these will be a visit to other schools and subject to a possible change of dates to suit the schools being visited.

Format for most workshops will be similar:
Part 1: Time to share & plan with colleagues
Part 2: Input related to the needs of the cluster - coaching, difficult conversations, effective professional learning, rubric development, e-portfolios, teacher inquiry etc
Part 3: Tools and technologies

At the first workshop we will be:
Part 1: Looking at the new goals & what this means for the cluster /leads/schools, beginning to explore options for shared ventures, looking to include & update new members

Part 2: What are we looking for in our classrooms - rubric (carried over to workshop 2)

Part 3:SuperclubsPLUS ( the workshop re scheduled from last year)

1. Please email Jan (by 5pm Tuesday) your Name, teacher registration no and preferred school email address if you are not already registered with SuperclubsPLUS. Alternatively you can register online at http://www.scplus.com/d/index.php or complete the form found here and send it to Meg Crozier meg.crozier@intuitivemedia.com , This option will let you register all teachers and students at the school should you wish to.

It is your responsibility to ensure you have registered by Wednesday to ensure you have your password available for Thursday's workshop.

2. Please read the page 2011 contract activities - download & print (if you need to)
3. sent any special diatery needs to Michelle by Monday pm.
4. Please bring a copy of your school's long term plan for 2011 - or an outline of any units you have planned.