Workshop 5 2011

To be held at Lyall Bay School, 8.45am - 3.30pm.
The format for this workshop is a little different.
Please be there by 8.45 raring to go. All will be revealed then.
You need to have any gear you have for creating great multi- media with you - cameras (still & video), sound recorders, blue/green screens etc. Please also pack your imagination - you will need it!
In addition if you have any school docs that refer to information literacy could you have these available in some way - digital is best but not essential.
home_july_2011_007.JPGTime for Clint, Craig, Darian, Peter to rejoin the group.

This workshop will have multiple foci.
We will look at:
  • Multimedia
  • Begin to explore Informtion Literacy
  • Our X- school unit.
  • 2012